Grillad köttpizza


Matambre a la pizza is a traditional Argentinian dish prepared on the grill. A quick way to describe it would be as a pizza where the dough has been replaced by meat! Yes, by meat! People could also think of it as a low carb pizza. Since not many people may have heard about this before, I decided to call it grillad köttpizza in Swedish.

Just like making a pizza, there are two main parts: the base and the topping. The interesting part is obviously the base, while the topping (e.g. tomato sauce, mozarella, etc.) is similar as for regular pizzas. Be prepared to surprise your Nordic meat lovers friends!


The base  The meat cut used is flank steak. This cut is often flat, thin, and comes in a square shape, which makes it perfect as a base.  In case that the piece is too thick, you should cut it in the middle to either have two bases or just extend the one you got.  Flank steak is not the easiest cut to find (if compared with entrecôte for instance). In my case, I had to ask around several butcher shops in Saluhallen.  The flank steak sold there is  different from the one in Argentina, i.e., it is small (one piece could feed up to two adult people) and with almost no fat (a good thing). Nevertheless, it can be used to make the dish. The meat needs to go through a tenderizing process.


Tenderizing process Although easy to do, this phase takes a long time. The ingredients needed are:

  • Onions, 2
  • Laurel leave, 1
  • Milk, half a liter
  • Water, half a liter
  • Flank steak (flankstek på svenska)
  • Pepper grains
  1. Slice the onions and place them in a (deep) oven tray so that you cover all its surface (add more onions if needed).

    Flank steak

    1. Flank steak and onions. You should actually cover all the tray with onions (not as shown by the picture).

  2. Place the flank steak on top of the onions for the meat not to be in direct contact with the tray. Crush the laurel leave and sprinkle it together with the whole pepper grains. Add milk and water (in even measures) so that the liquid reaches half way up the height of the flank steak until half of its height. At this point, you could add more pepper, laurel, and any seasoning of your preference. However, I would recommend you to keep it simple.

    2. Flank steak with milk and water. The amount of seasoning might be changed according to personal preferences.

  3. Seal the oven tray with aluminium paper.

    Sealed oven tray.

    Sealed oven tray. This step is important to keep the flank steak humid.

  4. Heat the oven to 150 Celsius degrees. Place the sealed oven tray into the oven and keep it there for two hours and thirty minutes. At this step, the flank steak becomes cooked. Once it is done (see picture below), the meat is ready to be put on the grill!

    Cooked and tenderized flank steak.

On the grill I recommend you to have all the topping ready. Here, it follows one suggestion for topping, but you might have others in mind. The ingredients are:

  • Some tomato-based sauce (e.g. filetto)
  • Green olives
  • Oregano
  • Mozzarella
  1. Divide the mozzarella in small pieces, and cut the olives.
  2. Place the flank steak on the grill, and put the tomato sauce, the mozzarella, the olives, and the oregano. In the picture below, you can see two köttpizzas (one of them with pesto sauce and mozarella).

    Quickly put the ingredients. Here, different flavors of köttpizza.

    You can choose different toppings on your köttpizza.

  3. Put the grill cover and cook for 5 minutes (just to melt the mozzarella and heat up the other ingredients).

    Köttpizza ready to server!

    Köttpizza ready to serve!

Enjoy it!

An alternative to beef  is to use pork flank steak. However, I have not managed to get that cut in Göteborg yet!


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